Cases of wear and tear

We are well aware that accidents happen. For this reason and in order for you to feel as safe as we do, we have formulated the Terms of Use, which you can refer to by clicking here.

The most important thing is to feel great with your luxury bag. So, in case of damage (stain, tear, burns, loss of the logo, etc.), do not try to repair it yourself! There are specialized partners in the boutique who will take care of the repair and who will clean the product. In case of damage, please inform us immediately in writing to the email address We kindly remind you that our products are not covered by wear and/or theft insurance, with the corresponding costs borne by the customer, as described in the Terms of Use. In particular, in such cases, and if this is deemed necessary, we will inform you immediately in writing to your stated e-mail address, regarding the cost of repair that has been estimated by the specialist, which will be deducted from the guarantee that will have already been charged on your credit card during the rental process. In the unfortunate event of causing irreparable damage which will make it impossible for us to re-rent the product to another customer, the current customer is obliged to fully cover the amount corresponding to the purchase value of the bag (retail price based on purchase invoice). Additional information can be read in the Terms of Use.