Product care

Every luxury bag of our company receives special care, so that all its quality characteristics remain unchanged for the next customer. You can be absolutely sure that our constant cooperation with the official brand boutiques absolutely guarantees both disinfection and cleaning-care of the product. You get your bag with the familiar and special smell of "new staff”, since nothing less is enough for us!


The customer must pay particular attention to the storage of the bag, which must be done in the dust bag in which we send it, while the return must always be made in its original box.


We recommend avoiding placing heavy or multiple objects inside the bag to avoid problems, while perfumes, other cosmetics and sharp objects can cause damage to the bag material, stains and/or injuries. Therefore, we kindly ask that you do not put such items in the BeMyBag rental bags.


Bag and pets: as pets’ reactions to a new item with an unfamiliar smell are unpredictable, please keep the bag away from them, to avoid wear and tear.


Cases of theft: the responsibility of the product for the entire duration of its rental rests exclusively on the customer. Therefore, it is her responsibility to secure and protect the product from potentially harmful and malicious actions such as theft. In case of theft, we explicitly state that the customer shall have to pay an indemnity equivalent to 50% of the nominal purchase value of the product.